LUSDLodi Unified School District (California)
LUSDLoomis Union School District (Loomis, CA)
LUSDLand Use Services Division (various nations)
LUSDLand Use and Sustainable Development
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The first shows that barely eligible students who participated in LUSD's G&T curriculum for all of 6th grade and half of 7th grade exhibit no significant improvement in test scores across a range of subjects, despite their being surrounded by higher-achieving peers and taking more advanced courses.
LUSD is a large school district, with more than 200,000 students.
Schools in LUSD have a monetary incentive for attracting gifted students, as LUSD provides a funding boost of 12 percent over the average allotment for a regular student.
Gifted students in LUSD are far less likely to be economically disadvantaged and more likely to be white or Asian than other students in the district.
Why does the G&T program in LUSD not yield benefits for students on the margin of eligibility?
LUSD has 41 middle schools, of which 8 have G&T magnet programs, and 2 of these are oversubscribed.
Our lottery analysis is based on the sample of LUSD 5th-grade students determined to be eligible for G&T programs in 2007-08 who applied for admission to one of the two middle schools with an oversubscribed G&T magnet program.
Examining the equation related to LUSD, we remark the LEUR and the LJPY positively influence the LUSD series.
Looking at the equation allied to the LEUR, we see that the LEUR depends negatively on the LUSD variations.
Moreover, we see the existence of a negative causality link which is assumed to run from LUSD to LJPY.
(ab) B.P.: 40, Route de la ceinture, Sahloul III, 4054 Sousse, Tunisia Table 1 Summary statistics of the exchange rate LUSD LEUR LJPY Mean 0.271 0.380 -4.471 Median 0.269 0.383 -4.469 Maximum 0.417 0.597 -4.278 Minimum 0.086 0.213 -4.660 Std.