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LUTLookup Table
LUTLappeenranta University of Technology (Finland)
LUTLook up Table
LUTLocal Users Terminal
LUTLimited User Test
LUTLocal User Terminal
LUTLower Urinary Tract
LUTLoughborough University of Technology (UK)
LUTLaunch Umbilical Tower
LUTLand Use and Transportation
LUTLulea University of Technology (Sweden)
LUTLicensed Unity Teacher
LUTLimited User Training
LUTLavaredo Ultra Trail (Italy)
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The processing region of the function [PHI](s) is implemented in LUT and stored in BRAM.
The 5-bit input word X can be mapped into a 4-bit LUT address (d3d2d1d0), by set of mapping relations as
2), (2) The following hypotheses are under investigation to explain the relationship between LUTS and erectile dysfunction (ED): (i) increased Rho-kinase activation (3), (ii) nitric oxide synthase (NOS)/nitric oxide (NO) level decrease or alteration (4), (iii) atherosclerosis affecting the small pelvis (5) and (iv) autonomic nervous system (ANS) hyperactivity.
As mentioned, there were two recent years when the hottest spot was not in the Lut.
The number of clock cycles needed to step through the entire ROM LUT defines the period of the waveform.
Calculation for LUT based on the total amounts of flavonoids expressed as luteolin equivalents (extract A 14.
Further, to operate under the facility of Bond/ LUT, a Bank Guarantee is required to be furnished by the exporters.
Integration of your systems (displays) with internal LUT into the professional display calibration software PerfectLum.
In order to overcome this drawback LUT based Fine grain and coarse grain controller is used at each leaf node of logic block, which effectively reduces the leakage power and improves the processor performance.
The Lut Desert in Iran, which in 2005 measured a mind-boggling 159.
The LUT output can be added to a nonvolatile initial value register (IVR), or it can replace the IVR to define the input to a 7-bit linear r-string digipot.