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LUTEDLand Use Transportation and Economic Development (Pennsylvania)
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In the present study majority of the patients re- ported mild and moderate sensitivity (over 95%) even on cold provocation test which supports the findings of Saad et al14 who also concluded that in most of the vital teeth luted with full coverage restorations negligible number of patients experienced severe sensitivity.
To decrease the postoperative sensitivity, vari- ous methods have been used including application of dentine bonding agents, varnishes, laser and cavity desensitisers.1 With the application of dentine bonding agents, an impervious layer was formed to occlude open dentinal tubules which in turn reduced hypersen- sitivity.1 Microleakage was also observed to be re- duced in dentine with this layer.2 This layer might also influence the shear bond strength of the restora- tion luted with resin luting cement in the subsequent visit.3
So the purpose of this study was to evaluate the the effect of using resin coating technique on the shear bond strength of Co-Cr discs luted to dentine with resin luting cements.