LUTILearn Use Teach Inspect (training; various organizations)
LUTILand-Use and Transport Interaction
LUTILower Urinary Tract Infection
LUTILinum Usitatissimum Trypsin Inhibitor
LUTILocal Union Training Instructor (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees)
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from Italy and Hungary respectively, Elia Luti and Eva Kovacs sought after and now live the American dream in Clearwater, Fla.
In L'ombra e la luce: Penna e il Novecento, Giorgio Luti finds in Penna's verse a basic feature of the twentieth century literary code: the theme of the epiphany, the moment when light and darkness seem to join and the opposition is resolved, Penna's poems are filled with epiphanies: "In Penna il momento epifanico, in cui le cose si impongono di per se stesse e rivelano la loro essenza, si esprime completamente nel rilievo nitido dell'immagine che assume una funzione di emblema o di talismano".
Chef Davide Oldani (center, with Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, left, and Kartell president Claudio Luti) designed the new Kartell tableware line's "I.D.
He never finished the volume, but the myth of Rome is constantly present in D'Annunzio's writings (Cagnetta; Canfora, "Sull'ideologia del classicismo dannunziano"; Luti).
An extremely furious Azam further said: " Media luti hui izzat dikhati
The strengthening also affects the variation of formatives: the initial stop of a formative is strengthened after a long stressed syllable ending in a long vowel or a voiced consonant: 1PFIPS olti 'people were' (Ariste 1960 : 12), tuti 'was brought' (Ariste 1960 : 27), luti 'was struck' (LaaHecT 1966 : 112), manti 'was gone' (LaaHecT 1966 : 113), 1PFIPS manidelti 'was flattered' (IMS 296) (cf.
The announcement was made at a press conference held at Blue Salon in the presence of Ashraf Abu Issa, chairman and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, Kartell president Claudia Luti, Kartell marketing & retail director Lorenzo Luti and retail director at Abu Issa Holding Marco Bester.
Featured speakers include Mario Bellini, president of the Salone del Mobile Claudio Luti; Aric Chen, Hong Kong M+ Museum curator; Giovanna Castiglioni of Fondazione Castiglioni; and Ab Rogers, head of the Royal College of Arts in London.
The key speakers include Claudio Luti, the president of Milan's Salone del Mobile and world-renowned Italian furniture company Kartell, Philippe Zuber, the chief operating officer, Emaar Hospitality Group and Stefania Lazzaroni, Altagamma's secretary-general who will present key data and trends from the Bain & Company's Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study.
PROPOLIS (4) was one of the pioneering projects as they integrated strategic LUTI models and GIS techniques with interactive visual analytics tools, conceived mainly to be used by policy makers for the integrated assessment of land use and transport policies.
The theory, based on Romans 5-9, says that humankind is a massa (or conspersio luti), clay in the hands of a potter, destined for hell if it is left to its own corrupt nature, and therefore only those whom God elects by a special predilection receive the efficacious help necessary to merit salvation.
An ingredient that the fair organizer company Claudio Luti described as fundamental to "ensure that design week is not just for operators within the sector, but also for a huge phalanx of international opinion leaders", was synergy with design schools.