LUTRLand Use and Transport Research (EU)
LUTRLand Use and Transportation
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In total, 15 cranial measurements were taken with a digital caliper with the greatest possible accuracy (0.01 mm), including: greatest length of skull (GLS), condylobasal length (CBL), basal length (BL), occipitonasal length (ONL), palatal length (PL), length of palatal bridge (PBL), length of incisive formina (LIF), breadth of incisive formina (BIF), length of upper tooth row (LUTR), length of upper molars (LUM), maximum upper molars breadth (GUMB), heigth of coronoid process of mandible (HCPM), length of lower molar row (LLMR), lower tooth row (LTR), mandibular height (MH) (Fig.
* For the children of employees, the team developed a character named Lutr, an otter, to raise awareness about clean and healthy waters in Slovenia.