LUVWLight Utility Vehicle Wheeled
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The first round hit the road between two LUVWs, while the second round went through the left rear side door of one G-Wagon and out through the right hand side without detonating.
In 1991, the Defence Department established a fully manned Project Management Office for the Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled (LUVW) to hastily acquire a replacement for the Iltis.
In an interview with Esprit de Corps magazine in 1993, the directors of the LUVW project office acknowledged that the replacement of the Iltis was an "immediate concern," and they stated that any "mid-life extension of the Iltis was inconceivable." The reason they gave for nixing any refit of the old Jeeps was the rusting out of the chassis on a unibody vehicle precluded any cost-effective refurbishment.
Fast forward to 1998 and this unresolved situation reaches crisis proportions, forcing the LUVW project back onto the procurement front burner.