LUWLogical Unit of Work
LUWLogical Unit of Work (database integrity)
LUWLease Unit Well (energy industry)
LUWLandbouw Universiteit Wageningen (Dutch: Wageningen Agricultural University; Wageningen, Netherlands)
LUWLocal United Way (various locations)
LUWLife Under Water (movie)
LUWLabels Unlimited for Windows
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DBI Software works with customers to help them effectively tune and monitor their DB2 LUW systems.
A comparison is possible with developments from IE *kes- 'to comb, scratch, itch': Mir cir , Hitt kiss- ~ kisa(i)- 'to comb', kiske/a 'comb', Luw kis 'to comb', Lith kasa 'braid', OCS kosa 'braid, hair', cesati 'to scratch, to comb', and specifically in regard to wool, as Gk ksaino 'scrape, comb [hair or wool], full [cloth]', or flax, as in OEng heordan [pi] 'hards [of flax], tow' (M-A2 233), with differing semantics in OInd kacchu 'itching' or ksura 'knife, thorny plant' [ > Bur as chur 'big knife' (B 107], NPers sor 'salty' (IEW 585-586) (G 175)'(Trubacev 1974, IV: 86).
New Software Releases Mean Even More Productivity for Your DB2 LUW Database
In addition to his writings as Editor of Medical Law's, Nursing Law's & Hospital Luw's Regan Reports, his legal articles have been published in the most prestigious health law journals.
(DBI), Austin, Texas, an industry leading provider of accountability and performance solutions for DB2 LUW and Oracle, has announced the availability of Brother-Eagle(TM), a powerful, yet light-weight enterprise database monitoring solution that can display performance metrics for several databases at a glance.
In the meantime, fund-raising Mr Clarke - now known to people on two continents as "Nobby" - is preparing to leave for Uganda on Thursday where he will first check on progress at a clinic in Luw he helped to build.
luw mane:m jir-es/*jir-s-elli anta he I.ACC tie.down-3SG.O1/*tie.down-PAST-3SG.O2 no nane:n you.ACC `He tied me down, not you.' b.
(1988), "Huishoudinkomens en Inkomensachteruitgang" (Househol Incomes and Decrease of Labour Incomes), dissertation, Wageningen LUW.
9'-10': After mutual restoration of these lines, one can postulate u-ua-an-na-as-sa-an, perhaps a form of Luw. wana- 'woman', cf.