LVARLocal Variable
LVARLehigh Valley Association of Realtors (Bethlehem, PA)
LVARLeft Ventricular-Atrial Regurgitation
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The results of the research can be illustrated as follows [55]: LVAR motivated the students to answer rapidly and spontaneously.
In the present study, the different modes of LVAR are presented correlated with the phases developed by Dina van Hiele-Geldolf.
This model of teaching phases, as discussed below, is used as the main theoretical framework for the interpretation of the LVAR modes in this paper.
In Geometer's Sketchpad v4 DGS environment, LVAR are interpreted as "encoding the properties and relationships for a represented world consisting of mathematical structures or concepts" ([64], p.
LVAR in the Dynamic Geometry environment play a complementary role exactly as Laborde [43] reports for the diagrams in the plane geometry: "on the one hand, they refer to theoretical geometrical properties, while on the other, they offer spatiographical properties that can give rise to a student's perceptual activity".
Figures 2A and 2B report the results for the DVAR and the LVAR, respectively, focusing on the post-2000 period.
The LVAR instead captures some of the persistent in-sample fluctuations and projects a further rise in housing investment and the growth rate of house prices before it returns close to the sample mean in 2007.
Third, the LVAR results in Figure 2B are, however, less clear.
Figure 3 shows for the DVAR (shaded areas) and the LVAR (dotted lines) the 68 percent posterior probability regions of the estimated impulses.
One difference worth noting is that, relative to the LVAR specification, the DVAR incorporates larger and more persistent effects on house prices and the GDP deflator.
In addition to LVAR, Synteleos has partnered with 11 associations, independent, and online brokerages representing almost 4 percent market share nationwide: Century 21 SCVA (Campbell, Calif.
LVAR serves the Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania through a network of 1250 agents and 239 offices.