LVARLocal Variable
LVARLehigh Valley Association of Realtors (Bethlehem, PA)
LVARLeft Ventricular-Atrial Regurgitation
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Firstly, the terms that have been chosen by the researcher to define the concept of LVAR require illustration.
LVAR always involve semi pre-constructed dynamic diagrams that can be linked and become active in accordance with the wishes of the user, meaning the user is not limited to "actions pre-set by the sketch creator" [65].
Reflective Visual Reaction is the reaction based on a reflective mode of thought, derived from interaction with LVAR in the software, thus complementing and adding to the student's preexisting knowledge or facilitating comprehension and integration of new mathematical meanings.
The results of the research can be illustrated as follows [55]: LVAR motivated the students to answer rapidly and spontaneously.
In the present study, the different modes of LVAR are presented correlated with the phases developed by Dina van Hiele-Geldolf.
More specifically, in the LVAR, the vector of endogenous variables is given by
The cost is that it discards important sample information contained in the LVAR variables.
The Minnesota prior uses standard settings, which are the same as the settings used for the LVAR. In the DVAR, the informative prior on the steady state serves two roles: First, it regularizes the inference on the steady states of variables.
Figures 2A and 2B report the results for the DVAR and the LVAR, respectively, focusing on the post-2000 period.
One or more of the volatility measures, LVAR, LSIGR, and LSIGVOL, generates significant relations with the adverse selection estimates from Glosten and Harris (1988), George et al.
Maximum Likelihood Estimates for per Pupil Expenditures Independent Variable Coefficient t-statistics L-CONSTANT -6833.68 - 13.78 S-LOBBYING (L) 713.31 5.43 L-INCOME 0.20 14.43 L-AGE 47.30 4.78 L-URBAN 4.85 2.02 L-POVERTY 3.94 0.39 L-BLACK 6.83 1.68 L-POPULATION 0.14 1.25 L-STATE AID 75.71 13.43 L-FEDERAL AID 10.17 0.32 S-CONSTANT 4447.57 2.82 S-LOBBYING 1804.76 10.23 S-INCOME -0.39 -8.01 S-AGE -66.77 -2.31 S-URBAN 41.14 6.88 S-POVERTY - 120.53 -4.39 S-BLACK 0.30 0.04 S-POPULATION -0.26 -0.05 S-STATE AID 254.93 9.59 S-FEDERAL AID -1122.70 -8.29 LVAR 1.77 13.45 SVAR -24.38 - 11.07 SIGMA (1) 910.15 63.33 SIGMA (2) 927.18 56.09 Log Likelihood -24283