LVAWLeft Ventricular Anterolateral Wall
LVAWLeft Ventricle Anterior Wall
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B Indices of Fiscal and Monetary Discipline Country SI1 (a) SI3 (a) LVAW (b) LVESX (b) Belgium 0.
Notes: The construction details of the indices of CBI, LVAW, and LVESX are available in Cukierman, Webb, and Neyapti (1992) and Cukierman, Miller, and Neyapti (2002), respectively.
A Average Values of CBI by Groups of IFD IFD SI1 SI3 Total Sample Indices of CBI High Low Average LVAW 0.
But an LVAW spokesman said the plans would destroy the traditional village pub' They are very much social centres of the community,' he said.