LVBDLow Voltage Battery Disconnect (power supplies)
LVBDLittle Virgin Baby Doll (Abandoned Pools lyrics)
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In healthy Tibetans, the canonical correlation analysis method was used to analyze the relationship between physiological parameters (U1 = age, height, weight, pulse, SBP, DBP, and SpO[sub]2) and right/left ventricular dimensions (Vr = PA, RVOTprox and RVbd/Vl = LVbd, LVEDD, and LVESD) in males and females.
V1 = –0.59 LVbd – 0.47 LVEDD – 0.10 LVESD
Canonical correlation analysis revealed that weight was positively correlated with RVOTprox for the right ventricle and LVbd for the left ventricle in both genders.