LVBSLiverpool Victoria Banking Services (UK)
LVBSLight Vehicle Braking Systems (Lucas Varity Automotive; Livonia, MI)
LVBSLinear Variational Basis Set
LVBSLviv Business School (Ukraine)
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We expected that several distinct LVBs would emerge: there would be at least one bloc that primarily supported Labour and one which primarily supported National.
No research has been conducted on the personality traits of Fence-Sitters, so it was unknown how and whether the Fence-Sitters would significantly differ from other LVBs.
We tested the model by mapping the geographic distribution of LVBs and assessing whether differences in the proportion of the Fence-Sitter LVB reliably predicted voter turnout across both Maori and general electorates based on archival data from the 2011 national NZ election.
Means for the levels of support for each party over the five identified LVBs are presented in Figure 1.
After identifying an acceptable model, the extent to which the LVBs differed across demographics, ideology and personality was examined.
The overall test of gender differences between LVBs was significant ([[chi square].sub.(4)] = 144.033, ^<.001).
The overall test for age differences among LVBs was also significant ([[chi square].sub.(4)] = 382.230, p < .001).
Additionally, the overall test for differences in the level of education between the LVBs was significant ([[chi square].sub.(4)] = 476.565, p < .001).
The test for differences in political ideology between LVBs was significant ([[chi square].sub.(4)] = 1132.546, p < .001).
Being on the free list, the LVBs are imported in abundance and are freely available but at relatively high prices.
The demand for LVBs is directly related to the number of vehicles of all types in the country.
The average life of LVBs is estimated to be about three years and the annual replacement factor for motorcycles would be 3.33, for motor cars 8.33, for trucks 6.67, for tractors 1.67, for buses 11.66 rickshaws 3.33 and for other vehicles 5.