LVCULow Voltage Contractor Unrestricted
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Credit unions like LVCU that proactively anticipate the needs of their members -- as opposed to taking a moral stand against them -- are a more relevant part of their members' lives, providing affordable access to credit that improves their quality of life and strengthens the economy.
LVCU, and many credit unions across the country, are putting that brotherhood into practice every day, and they deserve our support, not our political judgments.
This situation is why almost all LVCU members, at some time or other, meet with a credit union representative who can get a better understanding of where they are financially and what they need to start doing to improve their circumstances.
That's why a used car loan is the first or one of the first loans that many LVCU members obtain, including the almost 400 so far who did so even though they had little to no credit profile over the past three years.