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LVDLow Voltage Differential (SCSI)
LVDLow Voltage Disconnect
LVDLow Voltage Directive
LVDLLS (Laser Leveling System) Vertical Deviation
LVDLeft Ventricular Dysfunction
LVDLow Voltage Detector
LVDLarge Visual Display (for hearing- and sight-impaired)
LVDLac Vieux Desert
LVDLime Village, Alaska (Airport Code)
LVDLaser Video Disk
LVDLymph Vessel Density (often used when referring to cancer metastasis)
LVDLogical Volume Descriptor (OSTA universal disk format)
LVDLow Vision Device
LVDLow-Velocity Drop
LVDLow Velocity Detection
LVDLow-Voltage Discharge
LVDLast Visible Dog (band)
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The deal makes LVD the first tribe to own a lending company along with a fully integrated sophisticated support services business which includes vendor identification, due diligence and management; compliance management, oversight and auditing services; marketing; employee training; and credit modeling and risk assessment development.
The current LVD does not mention explicitly the risk analysis and assessment.
A surprise finding, however, was that LVD remitted in several patients, Dr.
LVD Lastvagnsdelar supplies heavy vehicle components mainly to the independent repair shop sector.
As expected, the end diastolic dimension and LV volumes were greater in both AR groups and the LVD group as compared to normals.
Isolated diastolic LVD was defined according to the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology (21) as an age-adjusted pathologic mitral valve diastolic inflow pattern on Doppler echocardiography together with an increased left ventricular end-diastolic pressure [greater than or equal to] 16 mmHg in the presence of a normal LVEF (>50% in two-dimensional echocardiography).
It can also be stacked up to three units high providing up to 108GB and a LVD throughput of up to 80 MB/sec per channel on a desktop.
The E-8 LVD utilizes the latest in Ultra2 SCSI technology -- Low Voltage Differential (LVD).
The Pioneer DRM-7000 (which can house 2 to 16 drives) and the smaller scale DRM-3000 library (which houses 2 to 8 drives) can support both SE and LVD devices within the same unit.
HD has had a long-standing relationship with Strippit's parent LVD Company N.
This expander provides the user with the ability to extend Ultra320 LVD Devices to older HVD servers.