LVDCLaunch Vehicle Digital Computer (US NASA)
LVDCLas Vegas Design Center (Nevada)
LVDClow-voltage direct current
LVDCLas Vegas Dissemination Company
LVDCLaunch Vehicle Data Center (NASA)
LVDCLas Vegas Desert Classic (dart tournament)
LVDCLas Vegas Design Council (Las Vegas, NV)
LVDCLas Vegas Development Center
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The LVDC source (input voltage) of each converter is 4.04 kV, while the voltage drops across cables are responsible for different voltages at the output terminal of the wind turbines.
According to discrete time-domain modelling approach, the procedure is only valid when the variations in MVDC grid voltage [v.sub.o] (t) (output terminal voltage) and LVDC voltage [v.sub.g] (t) (input terminal voltage) in the event (switching) are relatively small than their initial and final values [42].
The procedure is only valid when the variation in output voltage [v.sub.o](i) (MVDC grid voltage) or input voltage [v.sub.g](i) (LVDC voltage) in the event (switching) is relatively smaller than its initial and final values [10].
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LVDC as a technique has the potential to dramatically reduce demand for electricity and thereby its consumption, said Mustafa Wajid, chair of the LVDC Forum.
At one level, the LVDC Forum will be a thought leadership platform to effectively engage with policymakers and regulators.
The activities of the LVDC Forum shall aim to drive the reduction of electricity demand by a combination of DC-based domestic appliances, minimizing AC-DC conversions, and judicious application of LVDC power distribution.
LVDC has the potential to transform lives by helping millions of people gain access to electricity, said Wajid.