LVDDLeft Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction
LVDDLLS (Laser Leveling System) Vertical Position Display Data
LVDDLeft Ventricular Diastolic Dimension
LVDDLogical Volume Device Driver (IBM)
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Additionally, we also observed a relationship between Hcy and LVDD, which remained significant after correction for age and creatinine.
Patients Controls (n = 95) (n = 18) Anthropometric data Mean (SD) age, years 54 (13) 44 (10)(a) Mean (SD) weight, kg 84 (20) 76 (11) Mean (SD) height, cm 173 (9) 177 (10) M/F, n 74/21 12/6 NYHA classification, n I 16 0 II 27 0 III 39 0 IV 13 0 Mean (SD) blood pressure, mmHg RRsysb 75 (13) 77 (5) RRdia 120 (20) 121 (9) Echocardiography/ Catheterization EF, % 38 (20) 67 (8)(a) FS, % 19 (9) 37 (6)(a) LVDD, mm 64 (10) 50 (4)(a) Mean (SD) laboratory values Hcy, mol/L 17.
05) had LVDD with Em/Am ratio of the mitral lateral valve <1 (Table 3).
Another index of LVDD, E/Em ratio, was not different between FMF patients and controls (p>0.
Left ventricular Em/Am ratio, representing LVDD, showed significant correlations with left ventricular E/A ratio, right ventricular Em/Am ratio, age, fasting blood glucose, BMI, triglyceride, Vp and colchicine dose (p<0.
Mitral flow propagation velocity, representing LVDD, was correlated significantly with left ventricular E/A ratio, left ventricular Em/Am ratio, pulse pressure and right ventricular Em/Am ratio (p=0.
Up to 44% of ankylosing spondylitis (22), 66% of RA (23), 40% of Behget's disease (24), and 64% of SLE patients (25) may have LVDD.
In contrary to these previous studies, we found no correlation between trace element levels and echocardiographic parameters including LVDD, LVSD, EF, and pulmonary artery pressure.
Correlation of trace element and echocardiography and hemodynamic parameters in heart failure patients Variables Selenium Zinc Copper r p r p r p LVDD 0.