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LVDTLinear Variable Differential Transformer
LVDTLinear Variable Differential Transducer
LVDTLinear Variable Displacement Transducer
LVDTLinear Voltage Differential Transformer
LVDTLinear-Velocity Displacement Transformer
LVDTLow Voltage Differential Transceiver
LVDTLow Voltage Differential Transducer
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The absence of friction during ordinary operation permits an LVDT to respond very fast to changes in core position.
For installations where there are multiple LVDT position sensors, the SC-100s can be master/slaved to prevent beat frequency interaction between sensor signals.
Understanding the challenges, Measurement Specialties engineers turned to the company's MHR Series LVDT as the base unit.
When mated with ASG's SC-100 industrial LVDT DIN-rail-mountable signal conditioner, an LA-25-A LVDT becomes an ideal solution for heavy duty industrial applications for position sensing.
This package provides a turnkey simultaneous data acquisition system for networked CellMite force digital signal conditioners and CellMite LVDT units.
The LVDT hopes to build on the community success story which has been the rapid growth of Longhoughton Rangers.
These materials enhance the already high reliability of a LVDT assembly, ensuring it will continue to operate for minimum life requirements, even if the device is fully exposed to seawater.
Molten PET is extruded through a calibrated die by nitrogen gas under pressure, and the LVDT probe movement against time is recorded and displayed.
A single-ended LVDT, the HSE Series 750 units terminate through a sealed axial connector that prohibits the core from passing completely through the coil assembly.
or -]250 mm), the sensors have the high resolution, excellent repeatability, and low hysteresis associated with LVDT technology, as well as the highest sensitivity consistent with good linearity, according to the company.
Using a CPU, signals from different types of sensors can be processed, allowing the MLX to easily be configured to work with LVDT probes, air-to-electric transducers, temperature sensors, eddy current sensors, and custom software.