LVDVLeft Ventricule Diastolic Volume
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A clustering analysis was performed, considering the assessed cardiac functional parameters (LVEF, LVFS, LVSD, LVDD, LVSV, and LVDV), in order to identify sample groups in an unsupervised fashion.
In particular, they presented a significant reduction in LVEF and LVFS, a strong increase in LVSV and LVDV, and a moderate rise in LVDD and LVDV.
Cardiac functional parameters: LVEF: left ventricular ejection fraction; LVFS: left ventricular fractional shortening; LVDD: left ventricular diastolic diameter; LVSD: left ventricular systolic diameter; LVDV: left ventricular diastolic volume; LVSV: left ventricular systolic volume.
The digesta was centrifuged (13,400 g for 8 min) and viscosity measured using a Brookfield LVDV II cone and plate viscometer at 20[degrees]C.
The ink behavior was studied using a viscometer (Brookfield Engineering Labs, Inc., LVDV, spindle No.