LVEDDLeft Ventricular End Diastolic Diameter
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30) In our study group, all of the 25% of the patients having EF of <35% and LVEDD of >5.
In comparison with our control group, EPO was correlated with a slight reduction in LVEDD and LVESD at 4 days and also 30 days after surgery from baseline; the difference between the two groups, however, did not constitute statistical significance.
Patients with cardiac events show higher LVEDD and lower EF than patients without cardiac events.
In healthy Tibetans, the canonical correlation analysis method was used to analyze the relationship between physiological parameters (U1 = age, height, weight, pulse, SBP, DBP, and SpO[sub]2) and right/left ventricular dimensions (Vr = PA, RVOTprox and RVbd/Vl = LVbd, LVEDD, and LVESD) in males and females.
LVEDD, LVEDD/BSA, EF, PR interval, QRS duration, P, QRS and T axes, P duration, T wave amplitudes in leads [V.
16), we categorized as having "normal ventricular function" patients with a normal LVEDD, no major wall abnormalities, an EF >45%, and no abnormalities of diastolic function.
05 significant TABLE--7: Comparison between Echocardiographic measurement values and duration of RA and Age of patients Duration of RA Parameters <5yrs >5yrs P value LVEDD (mm) 46.
In 30 patients with PCM, at the Liaqat University Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro, in 21 (70 Percent) cases the LVEDD was Greater than 57 mm in 21 (70 Percent) with reduced EF Less than 40 Percent .
On univariate logistic regression analysis, factors that increased the likelihood of death in both familial and idiopathic cases were an increased LVEDD (p=0.