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LVEDPLeft Ventricular End-Diastolic Pressure
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In addition, in heterozygous SOD2+/- knockout mice, APS administration could definitely improve cardiac dysfunction and modify cardiac hemo-dynamic disorder, including the decrease in LVSP, +dP/dt and-dP/dt, together with the increase in LVEDP, which indicate that APS therapy could protect cardiac function in oxidative cardiomyopathy.
Any heart with a HR < 250 beats/min, CF > 18 mL/min or < 8 mL/min, or LVDP < 80 mmHg when the LVEDP was maintained at 5-10 mmHg at the end of stabilization was excluded from the study.
al LVEDP was significantly decreased by ghrelin treatment.
LVEDP the left ventricular peak systolic pressure (LVPSP) and the coronary perfusion pressure (PP) were recorded.
An advanced form of permeability edema, ARDS, is defined by decreased lung compliance, normal LVEDP, and hypoxia refractory to [O.
In this study, 63 patients with clinically defined diastolic heart failure based on the Framingham criteria underwent diagnostic cardiac catheterization; 58 (92%) of these patients were also found to have an abnormal LVEDP, indicative of diastolic dysfunction.
min] were significantly reduced while LVEDP was significantly increased (>15 mm Hg) in ISO group compared with saline group (P < 0.
Our results showed that STZ administration following high-fat diet significantly worsened the readings of LVP, LVEDP, +dp/dt and -dp/dt, while Zn supplementation effectively attenuated the detrimental effects of high-fat diet and STZ on +dP/dt and -dP/dt but not on LVP and LVEDP (Table 3).
The mounted hearts were allowed to equilibrate for 30 min, and a baseline measurement of left ventricular systolic pressure (LSVP), LVEDP, +dp/dt, -dp/dt, and HR was performed.
After the treatment of AL (4 mg/kg, 8 mg/kg and 16 mg/kg) and MET (100 mg/kg), LVSP, LVEDP, and [+ or -]dp/dtmax were measured as indices of cardiac function, which were significantly higher in LVSP and +dp/dtmax and lower in LVEDP compared with model group.