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LVEFLeft Ventricular Ejection Fraction
LVEFLeft Ventricular Dysfunction
LVEFLivermore Valley Education Foundation (est. 1991; Livermore, CA)
LVEFLeft Ventricular Endocardial Fibrosis (medical condition)
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The dependent variables of the study included functional capacity (METs = metabolic equivalents), diastolic function, ETT or Brace protocol with treadmill, VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption during maximal physical exercise), and LVEF.
All-cause mortality at 3 years in 408 patients with LVEF of 30%-35% who received a prophylactic ICD was 51.
The researchers reported that in the 20 patients receiving CSCs, LVEF increased from 29 percent to 36 percent at four months following infusion.
BNP levels were higher in patients who were treated with heparin compared to fibrinolitic- besides greater reduction of LVEF the reason for it could be more extensive coronary artery disease.
The following variables were measured: The LVEF was calculated from apical four chamber view using the modified Simpson's method.
Data from Weikl and Noh (1992) were not included, as their method for assessment of LVEF (MRI) was different from the one (scintigraphy) used in three other trials.
262 Mean LVEF 55 [+ or -] 15% SAH--subarachnoid hemorrhage; GCS--Glasgow Coma Scale; LVEF--left ventricular ejection fraction Table 2--Comparison of left ventricular function, troponin I levels, GCS and hospital stay between patients with and without wall motion abnormalities.
One prospective randomized trial of heart failure patients with LVEF [greater than or equal to] 40% already treated with an ACEI and a diuretic, found that propranolol reduced total mortality by 35% after 1 year of therapy (absolute risk reduction=20%; NNT=5).
While this somewhat cautious approach would be likely to minimise cardiac complications of treatment, the use of an arbitrarily set cut-off value for LVEF of 0.
For two years after treatment, LVEF should be measured every six months.
Since that time, the LVEF is around 20 percent to 25 percent.