LVERLocal Veteran's Employment Representative
LVERLeft Ventricular Ejection Rate (cardiology)
LVERLow Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter
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When the Veteran becomes job-ready, the DVOP specialist, in partnership with the LVER, will develop a job opportunity within the Veterans selected career field.
LVER encourage businesses to hire Veterans by marketing the valuable skills Veterans bring to enhance their bottom line.
Imposed strain in LVER was not enough to cause any deformation in equilibrium state of the polymer.
VETS has established separate roles for DVOP and LVER staff and has provided policy guidance and training to states explaining these changes.
This requires more specialized staff than are currently available in VA's VR&E program and DOL's DVOP and LVER program.
Through intense, mandatory training of the DVOPs and LVERs, future employers could be informed of the benefits of employing veterans with or without disabilities.
There is insufficient accountability for the approximately $168 million that is distributed to states for the DVOP and LVER positions.
Often the DVOP and LVER jobs are lower paying positions within the state employment system and often considered entry-level.
DVOP and LVER require an understanding of the workplace environment and how a veteran or veteran with a disability can contribute to the workplace.
In the FY 2004 Independent Budget, PVA and other veterans' service organizations (VSOs) identified funding shortfalls of $47 million and $24 million for the DVOP and LVER programs, respectively.
However, the authorizing language for DVOPs, LVERs, and VRAs sets no specific limits on administrative costs.