LVERLocal Veteran's Employment Representative
LVERLeft Ventricular Ejection Rate (cardiology)
LVERLow Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter
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Meanwhile, of the 20 HTOP models, 18 models are classified as HVer models, while the LTOP models are all LVer models.
To characterize viscosities of POM/EOC blends in broader shear rate regions, measurements in LVER at 1 Hz frequency were initially made.
Before discussing detailed dynamic measurements to probe the sample's microstructure, the LVER must be defined.
VETS has established separate roles for DVOP and LVER staff and has provided policy guidance and training to states explaining these changes.
1936 Pinewood Studios opened near lver, Buckinghamshire, to provide Britain with a film studio to compete with Hollywood.
(9) The feminist desire to invent 'the word'--the discursive si lver bullet--which could defeat such disqualification once and for all is painfully real.
A study reviewed the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department of Labor's (DOL's) Veterans' Employment and Training Service's (VETS's) administration of the Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) and Local Veterans' Employment Representative (LVER) program.
At a cutoff value of 130 ng/L, the Triage assay had a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 79% to detect patients with impaired LVER Similar results were obtained for the other assays: for the Shionogi BNP, at a cutoff of 100 ng/L, the sensitivity was 80% and the specificity was 79%; for the NT pro-BNP assay, at a cutoff of 100 pmol/L, the sensitivity was 90% and the specificity was 66%.
Chris Fe lver's video (1996b) covers the artist's life and presents his diverse opinions and accomplishments.
The great si lver fox had been outwitted, beaten at his own game, and it hurt.
Research has recently opened up exciting new paths for investigation, but much more remains to be done to find cures for more than 100 different lver diseases.