LVESPLeft Ventricle End Systolic Pressure
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Compared to groups A and B, LVESP and LV [+ or -] dp/[dt.sub.max] markedly decreased; LVEDP markedly increased (P < 0.05 or P < 0.01) in groups C, D, E, and F.
Our experimental research showed that, compared with control and sham operation group, LVESP and LV [+ or -] dp/[dt.sub.max] decreased significantly, and LVEDP, left ventricular weigh, and left ventricular weight index increased significantly 2 weeks after AMI in AMI group and the three drug-treated groups.
Data included an electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate (HR, beats/min.), mean right-atrial (RAP, mm Hg) and pulmonary-artery (PAP, mm Hg) systolic (SAP), diastolic (DAP), and mean (MAP) arterial pressures (mm Hg), and left ventricular end systolic (LVESP, mm Hg) and end diastolic pressures (LVEDP, mm Hg).