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LVETLeft Ventricular Ejection Time
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Significant differences between participants watching the anger- versus the fear-eliciting sequences were found in heart rate, stroke volume, myocardial contractility, cardiac output, and total peripheral resistance, whereas no differences were observed in blood pressure, LVET, and PEP.
Conclusions: The IMP in AR+Normal EF patients was similar to normals due to IRT and LVET prolongation.
Specifically, volume loading in a canine model of normal and reduced LV function resulted in a lower IMP by prolonging LVET (5).
Clinically, LV volume overload produced by chronic aortic regurgitation (AR) results in a prolonged LVET (7-11) and may theoretically reduce IMP.
Transaortic Doppler was used to obtain LVET, which was measured from the onset to the end of the aortic velocity spectrum.
The ICT was determined by subtracting LVET and IRT from "a".
The LVET in the LVD group was shorter than in normals and in both AR groups (p<0.