LVGPLow-Voltage General Purpose
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[Figure 2]a shows the changes in the left ventricular generated pressure (LVGP) the end of the 1 h ex vivo resuscitation following HS.
[Figure 3] shows the changes in the LVGP and +dP/dt after 1 h of HS followed by in vivo resuscitation.
Results: Hemorrhagic shock rats treated with AG exhibited a significant increase in left ventricular generated pressure LVGP (137.19.4 mmHg) and + dP/dtmax (589.6110.7 mmHg/sec) compared with the untreated group (44.4320.18 mmHg 289.825.0 mmHg/sec).
Left ventricular generated pressure (LVGP) was calculated as the difference between the left ventricular peak systolic pressure (LVPSP) and left ventricular end diastolic pressure (LVEDP); (LVGP=LVPSP-LVEDP).
Even as this developed, the LVGP thanked Senate President Aquilino Koko Pimentel for being instrumental in the funding from the General Appropriations Act of the first two phases of the program.
The entire program is designed to enable the LVGP members to discharge their functions effectively and efficiently by equipping them with knowledge on fundamental principles, concepts, and tools on local governance and legislation.
The foreign study, which is the academic visit phase, the second phase of the project funded under the General Appropriations Act, was overseen by the Development Academy of the Philippines, which was commissioned by the LVGP to conduct the entire project and then engaged the NUS-LKYSPP to design and implement its second phase.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Vice Governor Antonio Albano, President of LVGP and Vice Governor Humerlito Dolor, Chairman of the Board, conveyed their appreciation to Ambassador Morales and the Philippine Embassy team for their warm reception and hospitality.