LVIALehigh Valley International Airport
LVIALandscape and Visual Impact Assessment (various nations)
LVIAAssociazione Internazionale Volontari Laici
LVIALay Volunteers International Association (various locations)
LVIALietuvos Valstybinis Istorijos Archyvas (Lithuanian: Lithuanian State Historical Archive; Vilnius, Lithuania)
LVIALehigh Valley Ice Arena (Pennsylvania)
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The tenderer is responsible for the LVIA design of the local boundary conditions set by the city plan and the housing cost of the housing and financial center (ARA) required by the cost limits.
LVIA design complies with the Tote 95 (RT 10-10 579 and additional sheet RT 10-10701) list of tasks for Building Services, as appropriate, separately agreed upon.
The acquisition is based on construction, LVIA and electrical work.
Estimation / study of the kemi swimming pool, Construction of an asbestos and asbestos survey for the building and lvias technology.