LVIDsLeft Ventricular Internal Dimension In Systole
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In the present study, HCM affected dogs had no statistically significant difference in LVIDd and LVIDs as compared to normal dogs of the same body weight.
Among all the BMSCs treatment subgroups, the VMC1d+ BMSCs subgroup had the lowest level of LVIDs and left ventricular end-systolic volume (LVESV) (q = 4.569, 4.373; P <0.05), and the VMC1w+ BMSCs and VMC2w+BMSCs subgroups had a much lower level of LVIDs and LVESV than the myocarditis group (q = 7.884, 6.783, 7.934, 7.051; P <0.01).
RES: Resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihydroxystilbene) ISO: Isoproterenol LV: Left ventricular VW: Ventricular weight BW: Body weight TL: Tibia length EF: Ejection fraction LVEDV: LV end-diastolic volume LVESV: LV end-systolic volume LVIDd: Diastolic left ventricular inner diameter LVIDs: Systolic left-ventricular inner diameter BNP: B-type natriuretic peptide NT: Nitrotyrosine.
Abbreviations BW: Body weight WHW: Whole heart weight LVW: Left ventricle weight IVSD: Interventricular septal thickness at end-diastole LVIDd: Left ventricular internal dimension at end-diastole LVPWd: Left ventricular posterior wall thickness at end-diastole LVIDs: Left ventricular internal dimension at end-systole.
We evaluated cardiac function by a combination of echocardiography measurements that included the LVPWS, FS%, and LVIDs (Figure 2).
Also, 2D guided M-mode echocardiograms at the level of the mitral valve tips were used to estimate the LV internal diameter end-diastolic (LVIDd) and the LV internal diameter end-systolic (LVIDs) in the long-axis plane.
NT-proBNP: N-terminal pro- brain natriuretic peptide; LVIDd: diastolic left ventricular internal dimension; Ao: aortic root diameter; LVIDs: systolic left ventricular internal dimension; LA: left atrium.
cIMT 0.698 [+ or -] 0.23 mm LVID [s]/LVID [d] 3.65 [+ or -] 1.05 cm/ 4.69 [+ or -] 1.32 cm Interventricular septal thickness 8.49 [+ or -] 1.20 mm EF [s]/EF [d] 70.6 [+ or -] 7.3%/ 66.11 [+ or -] 6.6% FS [s]/FS [d] 35.84 [+ or -] 3.6 cm/ 32.9 [+ or -] 3.42 cm F/A ratio 1.25 [+ or -] 0.97 (P > 0.05).
The dimensions of the heart were assessed in the form of left ventricular end diastolic dimension (LVIDd), left ventricular end systolic dimension (LVIDs).
Left ventricular end-diastolic internal diameter (LVIDd) and left ventricular end-systolic internal diameter (LVIDs) were measured in M-mode.