LVKLesbian Vampire Killers (movie; UK)
LVKLimburgs Vastelaovesleedjes Konkoer (Dutch: Limburg Carnival Song Competition; Limburg, Netherlands)
LVKLektoren-Vereinigung Korea (German: Korea Association of Editors; Seoul, South Korea)
LVKLivermore, California (Airport Code)
LVKLehigh Valley Knights (drum corps; Pennsylvania)
LVKLudwig Von Kapff (winemaker)
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In addition, the contents of carotenoids in this genotype were lower than those in LVK, which showed increase in chlorophyll contents under salinity conditions (Table 3).
For the chlorophyll a/chlorophyll b ratio, there were lower values in the genotypes LVK and TSKC x (LCR x TR) - 040 when subjected to the highest level of salinity (4.
2012), in an experiment conducted in rainfed in Umbauba--SE, observed that 'Tuxpan Valencia' orange obtained greater productivity when grafted onto LVK x LCR--010 hybrid (11.
Regarding the technological index (TI), TSKC x (LCR x TR)-018, LVK x LVA -009 and 'Sunki Maravilha' and 'Cleopatra' mandarins presented the lowest results, reflecting their low juice content (Table 3).
Rootstocks were the 'Red' rough lime; 'Santa Cruz' rangpur lime; 'Swingle' citrumelo; 'Orlando' tangelo; 'Indio'; and 'Riverside' cintradarins, 'Sunki Tropical' mandarin; and the hybrids HTR-051; TSKC x CTTR - 002; TSKFL x CTTR - 017; and LVK x LCR - 010.
According to Ana Solarova from the press center of Bulgaria's Customs Agency, LVK Vinprom's license was suspended on July 3 over systemic excise duty violations.
No limoeiro 'Cravo Santa Cruz', tangerineira 'Sunki Tropical' e no hibrido LVK x LVA-009 o comportamento foi quadratico, com maior diametro nas CEa de 0,8; 2,6 e 1,66 dS [m.
LVK is not written by Horne and Corden, but it's aimedat the same audience as their TV show - those who enjoy schoolboy humour.
Os porta-enxertos avaliados vem apresentando bom desempenho horticultural em combinacao com laranjeira 'Valencia', com resultados similares ou superiores aos apresentados pelo limoeiro 'Cravo' no que se refere a producao, qualidade de frutos e tolerancia a seca, contudo maior reducao de tamanho da copa para os hibridos HTR051, TSKC x (LCR x TR)-059, LVK x LCR-038 e TSKC x CTSW-041 (RAMOS et al.
Os frutos do citrumelo 'Swingle', seguido pelo hibrido LVK x LCR--010, apresentaram maior diametro, comprimento e massa, bem como maior numero total de sementes (Tabela 2), resultado similar ao encontrado por Moreira et al.