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In this section, we address event simulation for the production cross section [sigma](pp [right arrow] [h.sub.2] + X) from VBF channel and branching ratios Br([h.sub.2] [right arrow] [V.sub.i][V.sub.i] [right arrow] lvlv) at the 14 TeV LHC.
The left plot therein addresses the decay [h.sub.2] [right arrow] WW [right arrow] lvlv. In the left one, we observe that for L = 300 [fb.sup.-1] [h.sub.2] mass up to {270,368,539} GeV can be excluded via final state lvlv for [sin.sup.2][alpha] = {0.01,0.02,0.04}, respectively; and the discovery limit approaches to 275 GeV for [sin.sup.2][alpha] = 0.04.
We have simulated events arising from diboson decays such as [h.sub.2] [right arrow] WW [right arrow] lvlv and [h.sub.2] [right arrow] ZZ [right arrow] 2l2v, where both exclusion and discovery limits are revealed according to different magnitudes of mixing effect.