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LVMLogical Volume Manager
LVMLiikenne- ja Viestintäministeriö (Finnish: Ministry of Transport and Communications; Helsinki)
LVMLinux Volume Manager
LVMLocation Verification Module
LVMLeft Ventricular Mass
LVMLandwirtschaftlicher Versicherungsverein Muenster (German insurance company)
LVMLas Vegas Magazine (Henderson, NV)
LVMLinux Virtual Machine
LVMLow Voltage Monitor (electronic equipment)
LVMLas Vegas Monorail
LVMLow-Volume Manufacturing
LVMLivingston, Montana (Airport Code)
LVMLatent Variable Model
LVMLombard Vehicle Management (Royal Bank of Scotland; UK)
LVMLeft Voice Mail
LVMLine Verification Module
LVMLow Value Material (USDA)
LVMLow Volatility Metals
LVMLuzon, Visayas, Mindanao (main islands in the Philippines)
LVMLeast-squares Variational Method
LVMLarge Volume Manager
LVMLarge Volume Mailer (Canada Post)
LVMLiquid Vacuum Melt
LVMLayered Video Multicast
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The sample size was calculated by using 95% confidence interval (CI), 90% power of test and by taking expected mean percentage of reduction in LVM with allopurinol as -5.2+-5.8 and with febuxostat as -1.3+-4.48.10 The sample was raised using non-probability purposive sampling.
LVM is a white crystalline ("snow-like") bulk material, and its presence in what is sold as cocaine cannot be detected by visual inspection.
An evaluation published in 2014 found that hospital consultants with little experience of the LVM were able to process cases in almost the same time as using familiar traditional techniques.
Body surface area (BSA) was calculated according to formula BSA ([m.sup.2]) = 0.007184 x Height [(cm).sup.0.725] x Weight [(kg).sup.0.425], LVM was calculated according to 1.04 [[(LVEDD + PW + IVS).sup.3]-[(LVEDD).sup.3]] -13.6 g formula (33), left ventricular mass index (LVMI) was calculated as LVMI = LVM/BSA formula.
The session will additionally have a portion dedicated to the implementation of LVM on RHEL 6 machine using GUI, as well as command line tools.
LVM identified the pulverizing process used on a frost-susceptible portion of the road, as the culprit.
Increase in relative wall thickness (RWT), Left ventricular Mass (LVM) and left ventricular mass index (LVMI) have been reported in hypertension.
While LVMs provide some of the benefits of larger-scale, multi-device virtualization, they carry with them an intrinsic limitation--they are host-based and, as such, configuration and deployment must be done individually for each host.
However, little has been studied on the effect of alkali on stainless steels, particularly on 316 LVM towards corrosion resistance.
Of those countries surveyed in March 2004, only Denmark and Luxembourg had cheaper prices than Finland, LVM said.
The deal was announced jointly by Newmark & Co., The Lincoln Building's leasing and managing agent, and CRESA Partners, which represented LVM in lease negotiations.
Their mean baseline left ventricular mass (LVM) index, determined by echocardiography, was about 119 g/[m.sup.2].