LVMCLas Vegas Mountaineers Club (Nevada)
LVMCLeft Ventricular Myocardial Contractility (cardiology)
LVMCLander Valley Medical Center (Wyoming)
LVMCLiteracy Volunteers of Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ)
LVMCLas Vegas Medical Center (Las Vegas, NM)
LVMCLas Vegas Monorail Company (Nevada; est. 2000)
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Nevertheless, given ridership performance to date, Fitch expects LVMC may have to raise fares further than initially planned in 2006 to meet the 1.
LVMC has indicated that Bombardier, the manufacturer of the trains and monorail operator under contract to LVMC, is strongly committed to solving the on-going equipment problems.
LVMC reports that average daily ridership while the monorail was operating during its first 17 days was 30,811.
LVMC reports that progress is being made with the release and testing of new train control software that addresses train communication and spacing.