LVMRLayered Video Multicast with Re-Transmission
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Therefore, a standard multicompartment procedure is necessary for the treatment of multicompartment pelvic organ prolapse, and LVMR helps to correct posterior and middle pelvic organ prolapse by the position of mesh since the anterior rectal fixation of mesh reinforces rectovaginal septum and provides some degree of suspension to the middle pelvic compartment (1).
The length of follow-up of this study is too short in order to assess the durability and complications of LVMR. Finally, this series is limited by its retrospective character.
Complex pelvic organ prolapse treatment by LVMR is also effective and is associated with a short-term good functional outcome, but we think that careful patient selection is mandatory for complex pelvic organ prolapse treatment by LVMR in order to prevent long-term degradation of the symptoms.
Giris ve Amac: Laparoskopik ventral mesh rektopeksi (LVMR), eksternal rektal prolapsus (ERP), yuksek derece internal rektal prolapsus (IRP) ve rektosel gibi pelvik taban hastaliklarinin tedavisinde daha cok kullanilir hale gelmistir.
Gerec ve Yontem: Subat 2014-Ekim 2017 tarihleri arasinda LVMR yapilan tum hastalar calismaya dahil edilmistir.
Since laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy (LVMR) was reported by D'Hoore in 2004, it has become the most common surgical procedure for external rectal prolapse (ERP) in Europe (1).
Between February 2014 and October 2017, LVMR was performed in 30 consecutive patients with ERP, IRP or symptomatic rectocele by one EBSQ-Coloproctology (European Board of Surgical Qualification in Coloproctolgy) certified colorectal surgeon.
Bulgular: Otuz hastaya (4'u erkek) LVMR yapilmistir.