LVMSLas Vegas Motor Speedway
LVMSLong Valley Middle School (New Jersey)
LVMSLogical Volume Management System
LVMSLocust Valley Middle School (Locust Valley, New York))
LVMSLaborelec Vibration Monitoring System
LVMSLeft Ventricular Motion Score
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The RS analysis has revealed new local vibration modes (LVM) at 492 [cm.sup.-1] for 0.005 M C:ZnO, 494 [cm.sup.-1] for 0.015, and 475 [cm.sup.-1] for 0.01 C:ZnO, which may be used as a clear indication of the presence of C incorporated in ZnO lattice.
For the purpose of LVM analysis the normed [chi square] and the absolute fit indices such as goodness-of-fit (GFI), adjusted goodness-of-fit (AGFI), and parsimony goodness-of-fit (PGFI) were used (Bollen 1989).
Since all the indices of LVM 1 are well above the accepted cut-offs one fails to reject it (Table 3).
These tests were conducted in line with the z-prime method (MacKinnon et al 2002) to check for the statistical power of LVM 1 and discount the possibility of Type I error while exploring the strength of mediation.
Overall, the results of this study provide adequate support for the proposed LVM (LVM1).
LVM was calculated using the Devereux formula: mass (g) = 0.8 x {1.04 x [[(IVST + LVEDD + PWT).sup.3] - (LVEDD)3]} + 0.6 (Devereux et al., 1986), where the variables needed are measured in the diastole and expressed as centimeters.
In addition, there was a tendency for LVM per body weight to be greater and T wave amplitude in lead II to be higher in the active co-twins (18% and 15%, respectively, p = 0.08 for both).
Of these, LVM per body weight attained statistical significance.
Our twin study showed that a persistent physically active lifestyle during a period of over 30 years causes lowering of both resting heart rate and submaximal heart rate, and to some extent, also increased LVM relative to body weight.
There was a tendency for increased LVM per body weight in the active co-twins.
There is also a tendency toward an increased LVM per body weight and heightened T wave amplitude.