LVNLLuchtverkeersleiding Nederland (Dutch: Air Traffic Control the Netherlands)
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In addition, it will investigate Aireon's ability to provide real-time position updates in areas like the North Sea where LVNL has significant helicopter operations for oil and gas.
LVNL operates in one of Europe's busiest FIRs, which includes Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, third largest airport in Europe by market share as of 2016, and features 322 direct worldwide destinations offered by 108 different airlines, including home carrier KLM.
LVNL and Boeing began a three-phase programme two years ago, focusing initially on airspace design, operating procedures and air traffic equipment.
IPS is designed to allow each participating airline to have better control of achieving their target time of arrival at Schiphol and thus be able to improve on-time performance and transfer reliability," said Paul Riemens of LVNL.
LVNL provides air traffic services in the Dutch civil airspace.
LVNL has a 24/7 service from our main location Schiphol East in addition, we are currently active at the airports in Rotterdam, Groningen and Maastricht which have a night closure.
In other words, LVNL is responsible for administering civilian airspace over the Netherlands and part of the North Sea and all that comes with it.
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