LVOCLivermore Valley Open Campus (California)
LVOCLarge Volume Organic Chemical Industry
LVOCLas Vegas Outlet Center
LVOCLow Volatile Organic Compounds (environmental conservation)
LVOCLummi Victims of Crime (Bellingham, WA)
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Note that from the analysis presented in Tables 1 and 2, the preferred functional forms for the change point analysis of the NOX, SO2, and VOC are, respectively, DNOX, DLSO2, and LVOC.
Given the single change point of 1970 obtained by modeling DLVOC as a level shift in differenced series, we let the prechange point analyses of the VOC and LVOC series prior to 1969 reported in Tables 1 and 2 speak for themselves.
619284 NA Notes: * DNOX denotes first difference of nitrogen oxides; DLNOX denotes first difference of the logarithm of nitrogen oxides; DLSO2 denotes first difference of the logarithm of sulfur dioxide; DSO2 denotes first difference of sulfur dioxide; LVOC denotes logarithm of volatile organic compounds; VOC denotes volatile organic compounds.