LVOSLight Vehicle Obscuration System (US Army)
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According to the company, the LVO Stroke Platform was developed using deep learning, a revolutionary technique where algorithms learn how to identify patterns in data from millions of prior examples.
tPA and stent-retriever thrombectomy should be the standard of care for treatment of LVO, especially if delivered rapidly.
(2012) list medium vessel occlusion to LVO with an NIHSS score of greater than 8 and time since onset of symptoms as key criteria.
The conclusions of these landmark studies indicate the safety and efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy with stent retrievers for LVO in AIS, if utilized rapidly.
Only 47% of the patients had CT angiogram (CTA) imaging at the time of enrollment, since the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score alone is not an accurate enough predictor of LVO. Subsequently, patients without confirmed LVO have been enrolled in the trial.
However, when only patients with confirmed LVO were considered, there was a significant benefit for endovascular therapy in terms of recanalization and outcomes.
Patients with confirmed LVO were randomly assigned within 8 hours after the onset of symptoms to undergo either mechanical embolectomy (Merci retriever or Penumbra system) or standard medical care.
CTA or MRA was used to depict LVO, and multimodal CT or MR imaging of the brain was used to evaluate penumbral status (Table 1, Figure 1).
CTA or MRA was not obtained to confirm LVO or evaluate penumbra.
Participants had angiographically confirmed LVO strokes and NIHSS scores of 8-29 within 8h of symptom onset.