LVPALow Value Purchase Authorization (University of California)
LVPALatinitati Vivae Provehendae Associatio eV (Germany)
LVPALatent Variable Path Analysis
LVPALehigh Valley Psychological Association (Allentown, PA)
LVPALeft Ventricular Pulsus Alternans (cardiology)
LVPALung Ventilator Performance Analyser
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To assess the causal interplay among the predictors of Student Involvement as specified in the above model, a covariance modelling technique called LatentVariable Path Analysis (LVPA) was used.
Using latent variable path analysis (LVPA), Wellhofer introduces a dynamic, quasi time-series element to his analysis such that he is able to uncover changes in electoral support over the eight elections between 1885 and 1910.
While the conclusions are clear, the statistical argument is quite hard to follow for those unfamiliar with LVPA. Even though Wellhofer provides a brief appendix explaining the method and relating it to more familiar methods, readers are advised to develop a familiarity with the statistical tools prior to attempting to understand the evidence and to go slowly through the analytic chapters.