LVPSLouis Vuitton Pacific Series
LVPSLow Voltage Power Supply
LVPSLarge-Value Payment System
LVPSLarge-Volume Parenteral Solution
LVPSLocal Video Player Solution (Videoagency)
LVPSLas Vegas Protective Services (Las Vegas, NV)
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In addition, the introduction of TARGET2 and the consolidation of all the EU RTGS systems into a single entity will substantially reduce the number of LVPS participants, as banks operating in several EU countries will be better positioned to manage their payments centrally.
We describe ten trends common to LVPSs around the world and identify the key drivers of these developments and the most important policy issues facing central banks (see box).
The main focus lies in promoting safety and efficiency in LVPSs and in maintaining overall financial stability.
The values and volumes originated over LVPSs grew exponentially until the turn of the century.
Before 1986, the Federal Reserve had almost no restrictions on the use of intraday credit for payments over Fedwire, the main domestic LVPS in the United States.
When bank A wants to make a payment to bank B over an LVPS, it typically sends a message to the settlement institution.
Despite the differences in their designs and credit policies, it is not obvious that these LVPS systems provide very different trade-offs between liquidity and risk.
These two types of LVPSs offer different trade-offs between liquidity and risk.
Currently in the PV phase there are two suppliers contracted as possible alternative sources for the production HVPS and one source for the LVPS.
Twelve LVPSs and thirty-nine HVPSs were built for the FSD program.
He added, "The cost-effective and compact design of the LVPS products are suitable for installation on a wide range of platforms, such as self-propelled guns, artillery radar, rocket launchers, mortars, observation vehicles and other vehicles types.
The LVPS are designed to operate in GPS-disturbed or jammed battlefield scenarios, and it comprises of a persistent capability that will provide the TMAPS with continuous and stable power through multiple power sources in the harshest operating conditions.