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LVRLaser Vaginal Rejuvenation (cosmetic surgery)
LVRLoan to Value Ratio
LVRLung Volume Reduction
LVRLow Voltage Reset
LVRLow Voltage Release
LVRLarge Volume Receiver (Canada Post)
LVRLine Voltage Regulator
LVRLow Voltage Relay
LVRLRU Verification Rack
LVRLarge Vocabulary Response (Sprint)
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Here's the good part: Hornady LVR propellant is available to handloaders from Hodgdon and is the exact same powder loaded by Hornady in its .
The energy-contracting project for the LVR Clinic Bonn, which was launched in 1999 with the involvement of the NRW energy agency, is reportedly the biggest efficiency project to date in the German care sector.
With medCompact, we have created a solution that guarantees our clients convenience and cost-benefits and one that can be transferred with little effort to other health care service providers," stated Oliver Hoffmann, CEO of LVR InfoKom.
The imposition of LVR restrictions was a significant development in the way the Reserve Bank applied its longstanding regulatory powers, and was driven by escalating concerns about the New Zealand housing market.
The LVR has passed a series of major safety certification and performance tests and is the first of its kind to receive CSA/UL certification.
The impact of LVR restrictions will not be uniform across the country.
The banks are having to manage a pipeline of loans that were pre-approved prior to the LVR restrictions taking effect.
GlobalMed's LVR Advantage was developed in response to widespread physician demand in Asia Pacific to establish successful LVR practices.
See these questions and answers about the construction lending exemption from LVR restrictions.
The LVR is a union of the Rhineland towns and districts, a region with a total population of roughly 9.
Deputy Governor Grant Spencer said LVR restrictions are one of four macro-prudential tools the Reserve Bank can use to manage financial system risks that can arise from asset price, credit or liquidity cycles.
The LVR restrictions are designed to help slow the rate of housing-related credit growth and house price inflation, thereby reducing the risk of a substantial downward correction in house prices that would damage the financial sector and the broader economy.