LVRELow-Volume Resistance Exercise
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There was also evidence that some spray fluxers clogged as a result of the rosin solids of the LVRE type fluxes, which are suspended in the low-VOC solution and are sheared out of solution by the mechanical pump action of the spray fluxer.
A OANC [H.sub.2]O 4.50% ORL0 B 3.70% ORL0 C 3.50% ORL1 D LRNC VOC 7.00% ROL1 E 7.00% ROL1 F 4.25% ROM0 G 6.00% ROL0 H 2.90% ORL0 I OAWS VOC 19.50% ORH1 J [H.sub.2]O 7.00% ORH1 K 20.0% ORH1 L 22.4% ORH1 M 19.5% ORH1 N HRNC VOC 15.0% ROM1 O 15.0% ORL1 P LVRE >50% [H.sub.2]O 6.20% ORL0 Q >50% VOC 2.40% ROL0 Table 4.
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