LVRGLow Vision Research Group
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LVRG reports that sales are generally split 50/50 between lunch and dinner.
LVRG also prides itself on working with diners who have allergy issues.
LVRG has continued on a steady growth trajectory throughout the years, but like any other restaurant business, it faces challenges.
"If you're not on that website, you're missing out," said Axiotis, adding that LVRG is testing it out in certain markets and implementing additional services to combat these issues.
CSR it = b0 + b1 INSI it + b2 PE it + b3 LVRG it + b3 SIZE it + b3 RISK it + b3 AGiteit
Along with these five control variables financial performance (ROA, ROE, and PE), leverage (LVRG), log of total sales (LOTS), risk (beta) and age (AG) are also used.
(p-value) Intercept 0.62 0.51 (.61) LNSL 0.19 2.16 (.03) EXCH -0.25 -0.83 (.41) SHOF -2.03 -2.02 (.04) LVRG 0.08 0.12 (.90) QUAL 0.30 1.33 (.19) F = 3.29, p [less than] .01; [R.sup.2] = .14 Dependent Variable = TIME Parameter Coefficient t-stat.
LVRG = leverage (total liabilities divided by total assets);