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Rather than having to set up complex VLANs for these disparate users with differing network access rights and policies, LVRJ uses the SLC to centrally enforce specific user policies from its inline vantage point close to users.
By adopting an identity-based networking approach with the SLCs, LVRJ is gaining control over authenticated users by provisioning and enforcing which applications and resources each individual user or group of users have access to on the LAN.
With the ConSentry secure switches, I was able to build knowledge of users and applications directly into my network upgrade," said Steven Olson, infrastructure manager for the LVRJ, who also supports all of Stephens Media.
The combination of ConSentry controllers and switches enabled LVRJ to roll out secure switching pervasively, providing identity-based control throughout the headquarters' facility.
InfoWorld's recognition of this high-profile project at the LVRJ demonstrates how identity-based access control is integral to next-generation network services," said Dan Leary, vice president of products and marketing at ConSentry Networks.
Previous to any ConSentry deployment, the LVRJ staff was considering broadening the intrusion detection and protection system (IDS/IPS) internally and had been using virtual LANs (VLANs) and access control lists (ACLs) to limit user access.
Then management started intermixing people in different departments, which made it impossible to use access controls based on subnets," said Steven Olson, infrastructure manager for the LVRJ.
With a daily readership of more than 160,000 and a Sunday circulation approaching a quarter-million, the LVRJ is owned by Las Vegas-based Stephens Media Group, publisher of 100 different newspapers and websites across the country.
The LVRJ had demanding criteria to satisfy as it sought an alternative to securing its LANs.