LVSBLiverpool Voluntary Society for the Blind (UK)
LVSBLeftward Ventricular Septal Bowing
LVSBLokmanya Videsh Sanchar Bhavan (India)
LVSBLow Voltage Switchboard
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There appears to be great potential for further work in the field of neurological disease in particular, and it became apparent, during an aftercare visit at LVSB, that patients might benefit from several Harris lenses held over each other during testing.
Jim Moran, chief executive of LVSB, said: `` There is nothing like this in Liverpool at the moment and blind children and their families can feel extremely isolated.
Mr Nelson, a care worker with LVSB for four years, said:``It's impossible to put a value or a cost on what we do or for us to put a cost on a rehabilitation visit.