LVSILymphovascular Space Involvement
LVSILean Value Solutions International (East Windsor, CT)
LVSILow Voltage Synchronous Installations
LVSILeft Ventricular Stroke Index
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Furthermore, we examined whether there was any relationship between these indices and various pathological features of tumor (i.e., tumor stage and size, depth of stromal invasion, LVSI status, and histological type).
(13) Risk factors for recurrence include LVSI, middle--or deep-third cervical stromal involvement, and large tumor size (>4 cm).
In univariate analysis, recurrence or persistent diseases, procedures of urinary diversion, the diameter of tumor, LVSI, metastasis to mesorectal lymph nodes, and marginal status of incision were significant risk factors for both OS and DFS [Table 1] and [Table 2].
Patients with 2 or more of the factors such as tumor size >4 cm, LVSI, or DSI were classified into the intermediate-risk group.
The presence of LVSI alone is not a contraindication to trachelectomy.
LVSI: Lymphovascular space invasion.: P value less than 0.05
Under the agreement, the club promises that it will not "have discussions or exchange any information with any other casino operator or undertake any actions related to or associated with the establishment of a the West Midlands region other than with LVSI."
Following the deal, whose price has yet to be decided, Fujitsu LVSI will focus management resources on designing and development of semiconductor circuits.
Avery Dennison's approach replaces traditional irritating tackifiers with low viscosity styrene isoprene (LVSI) plasticizers inherently bonding to rubber polymers.
Among the many clinical and pathological factors (FIGO stage, age, histological type and grade, tumor size, presence of lymphovascular space invasion (LVSI), lymph node involvement (LNI), and positive peritoneal cytology), the FIGO stage is the most important variable that influences the likelihood of EC recurrence and the survival rate (2).