LVSPLeft Ventricular Systolic Pressure
LVSPLinux Virtual Server Project
LVSPLas Vegas Springs Preserve (Las Vegas, NV)
LVSPLow Voltage Power Supply
LVSPLawrence Virtual Secondary Program (Kansas)
LVSPLoudoun Valley Sheep Producers (sheep industry group; Leesburg, VA)
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In addition, in heterozygous SOD2+/- knockout mice, APS administration could definitely improve cardiac dysfunction and modify cardiac hemo-dynamic disorder, including the decrease in LVSP, +dP/dt and-dP/dt, together with the increase in LVEDP, which indicate that APS therapy could protect cardiac function in oxidative cardiomyopathy.
Wines from the two HWC treatments were ranked first and third preferentially, while wines from the two LVSP treatments ranked second and fourth.
In 2010, training system, vine spacing and root system all impacted yield and the crop-load ratio with LVSP, tighter vine spacing (6 feet) and own-roots, all resulting in lower crop-load ratios and lower yields through reduced cluster weights.
Group n Dose LVSP LVEDP +dp/dtmax -dp/ HR (beats (mg (mmHg) (mmHg) (mmHg/ms) dtmax /min) / (mmHg/ kg) ms) Control 8 - 136.
The main findings of our research could be summarized that STZ-induced diabetes caused the decrease in LVSP, [+ or -]dp/dtmax, and the increase in LVEDP.
1 million in the first quarter of 2012, reflecting ongoing elevated expenses for legal and professional fees, and a $117,000 impairment charge for other real estate owned at LVSP," said Martin.
6 million is at the holding company level and $745,000 is at the holding company subsidiary LVSP.
Group LVSP LVEDP +dp/dtmax -dp/dtmax (mmHg) (mmHg) (mmHg/s) (mmHg/s) Sham-operated control 111.
Abbreviations; BMSCs, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells; MI, myocardial infarction; SDF-1[alpha], stromal cell-derived factor-1[alpha]; Tan IIA, Tanshinone IIA; LV, left ventricle; LVSP, LV systolic pressure; LVEDP, LV end-diastolic pressure; LV+dp/dtmax, maximal rate of LV systolic pressure; LV-dp/dtmax, minimum rate of LV systolic pressure; Dil.
Valsartan suppressed left ventricular systolic pressure (LVSP) of 2K2C rats while Tanshinone II-A had minimal effect on LVSP.
Compared with control group, rats treatment with FB showed a significant recovery in myocardial function with improvement of LVSP and [+ or -] dp/[dt.