LVSWILeft Ventricular Stroke Work Index
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After induction, they observed that there was a decrease in APs, CI, SV, and LVSWI in both groups.
Results showed that SAP (-28%), DAP (-23%), SVR (-25%), and LVSWI (-32%).
Table 1--Mean values and standard deviation of heart rate (HR; beats [minute.sup.-1]), mean and pulmonary arterial pressure (MAP, mPAP), systemic vascular resistance index (SVRI; dynes seconds [cm.sup.-5] [m.sup.-2]), left and right ventricular stroke work index (LVSWI; cJ; RVSWI; cJ), pulmonary vascular resistance index (PVRI; dynes seconds [cm.sup.-5] [m.sup.-2]), pH, arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PaC[O.sub.2]; mmHg) in female dogs submitted to anesthetic induction and maintenance using propofol in microemulsion (M; n=6) or lipid emulsion (E; n=6).
Eger calisma, troponin I (Tnl) gibi miyokardiyal hasan daha sensitif olarak gosterebilecek biokimyasal parametreler ve CI, LVSWI gibi hemodinamik objektif kriterler He yapilmis olsaydi, sanirim sonuglar daha net degerlendirilebilirdi.