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LVTLow Voltage Ttl
LVTLow Voltage Trigger
LVTLeasehold Valuation Tribunal (UK)
LVTLicensed Veterinary Technician
LVTLand Value Taxation
LVTLow Volume Terminal
LVTLanding Vehicle Tracked
LVTLuxury Vinyl Tile
LVTLars Von Trier (Danish filmmaker)
LVTLow Voltage Transformer
LVTLas Vegas Travel (Tarzana, CA)
LVTLow Voltage Technology
LVTLovington (New Mexico town)
LVTLocal Virtual Time
LVTLipid Vector Technology (pharmaceuticals)
LVTLow-Voltage BiCMOS Technology (family of logic integrated circuits)
LVTLight Valve Technology
LVTLogovisual Technology
LVTLeuk Voor Thuis (Dutch: Nice to take with you)
LVTLow Voltage Threshold
LVTLow Voltage Transceiver
LVTLowest Virtual Time
LVTLeft Ventricular Tachycardia
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denser, more walkable developments incentivized by LVT are attractive to
Left ventricular thrombus (LVT) is a complication with a severe risk of brain and peripheral arterial embolization after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) that leads to a high rate of morbidity and mortality.
Looking for a place to hold monthly meetings and occasional presentations, he reached out to LVT CEO Jim Costello.
Mohawk has distributed sheet vinyl and LVT products for a number of years and expects the IVC products to complement its existing offering.
LVT flooring is composed of a highly filled core layer--usually with an integrated glass mat--plus decorative film and a wear-protection layer.
Being an LVT means getting your hands dirty and doing some grunt work.
They've been installing LVT floors for several years now and told us that it's the fastest growing portion of their business.
The new Clariant masterbatches use a liquid vehicle system that incorporates suspension aids and binders, which have been incorporated into the new LVT masterbatches to allow for higher pigment loadings and (in most cases) lower usage rates.
"The attached 3 mil moisture barrier protects wood, laminate, and LVT floors from harmful moisture," explains Duane Reimer, technical director.
On becoming aware of this arrangement, the landlord made an application to the LVT to try to terminate the lease on the basis that this arrangement breached several tenant covenants in the lease: ?
Economists view LVTs as "the least bad taxes", because they do not depress wealth creation.
Teams comprised six local crew members and 14 international sailors who were competing in the LVT on the version 5 Americas Cup Class (ACC) boats.