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LVTLeasehold Valuation Tribunal (UK)
LVTLicensed Veterinary Technician
LVTLand Value Taxation
LVTLow Volume Terminal
LVTLanding Vehicle Tracked
LVTLuxury Vinyl Tile
LVTLars Von Trier (Danish filmmaker)
LVTLow Voltage Transformer
LVTLow Voltage Technology
LVTLovington (New Mexico town)
LVTLocal Virtual Time
LVTLipid Vector Technology (pharmaceuticals)
LVTLow-Voltage BiCMOS Technology (family of logic integrated circuits)
LVTLight Valve Technology
LVTLogovisual Technology
LVTLeuk Voor Thuis (Dutch: Nice to take with you)
LVTLow Voltage Threshold
LVTLow Voltage Transceiver
LVTLowest Virtual Time
LVTLeft Ventricular Tachycardia
LVTLas Vegas Travel (Las Vegas, NV)
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LVT is a higher quality printed vinyl tile with natural materials being photographed and printed into the tile, and they often come as planks.
To sponsor the LVT Team on their journey to the world finals, contact Ahmed Khan on 32381565 or lvtbahrain@outlook.
The three members of LVT quickly assigned themselves roles based on their interests and strengths.
We've been told that an LVT installation can sometimes look like flooring two or three times the cost.
Accordingly, the nerdish-sounding LVT was frankensteined into a culture-threatening - sorry: Marxist, culture-threatening - 'Garden Tax' aimed at undermining the foundations of English family life as we know it.
Mapei launched "Flexcolor 4 LVT", an acrylic flexible grout which, when fixed on a LVT, allows the installer to create an effect similar to the joints between stone and ceramic.
The Mapeistone System is designed to maximise the durability of architectural stone road surfaces in extreme temperatures, while Flexcolor 4 LVT allows installers to securely join together luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).
Many researchers agree that although thrombolytic therapy does not prevent LVT formation but has significantly reduced the incidence of embolization.
that LVT can be most effectively implemented at the regional level.
Previous studies have reported that the incidence of LVT after AMI was between 20% and 60%.
Four years ago, after discussions with several stakeholders that included JCEDC, LVT and the Mauston School District, the first iLEAD Charter School was started as a combined program of the I&E Club and the Mauston schools.
Mohawk has distributed sheet vinyl and LVT products for a number of years and expects the IVC products to complement its existing offering.