LVTCLas Vegas Track Club (Nevada; est. 1969)
LVTCLivermore Valley Tennis Club (Livermore, CA)
LVTCLanding Vehicle, Tracked, Command
LVTCLiving Vicariously Through Corey (technology/humor blog)
LVTCLow-Voltage Tunneling Current
LVTCLow Voltage Technology CMOS (semiconductor devices)
LVTCLehigh Valley Transit Company
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During our visit, the company's general manager, Jim Castello, explained that LVTC is in the process of installing fiber optic communication cable to provide a cleaner network for voice and data transmission.
Following our visit at LVTC, Jennifer and I headed to Oxford, where we met with Bryan Amundson, general manager of Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative.
LVTC stresses that they should have a good time, but also point out that if something is worthwhile, doing it demands their time and devotion.