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LVTSLarge Value Transfer System (SAGUS Security)
LVTSLongview Trading System (Linedata Services)
LVTSLocal Video Teleconferencing Service
LVTSLas Vegas Transit System, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
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Mapei has launched its Mapeistone System and Flexcolor 4 LVT products in the UAE.
The Mapeistone System is designed to maximise the durability of architectural stone road surfaces in extreme temperatures, while Flexcolor 4 LVT allows installers to securely join together luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).
In contrast, just as you and I can't dodge paying council tax, an annual land value tax (LVT) on the market rental value of land would be easy to assess, cheap to collect and impossible to evade.
David Hewett, chief executive of ARMA said: "Leaseholders have the right to take some issues, such as the reasonableness of service charges, to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) but this does not cover every situation leaseholders might find themselves in such as a lack of accounting information, poor communication and failing to 'deliver the promise'.
Whenever a staff veterinarian goes to a continuing education conference, he or she is required to write up "pearls" of key information acquired and share them in a "lunch and learn" attended by our LVTs. Our technicians are also offered expenses paid for one out-of-town meeting of their choice per year.
Outstanding service charges can no longer be used as a reason to forfeit a long lease of any residential property, unless a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) has first made a decision that the amount claimed by the landlord is actually owed.
This section summarizes the events that led to the desire to better control settlement risk and describes three different payment systems: Fedwire, TARGET, and LVTS.
"The LVTS meets the highest standards for soundness, safety and efficiency established by the CPA members from the outset," said Serge Vachon, chairman of the CPA board of directors.
Fifteen domestic and foreign financial institutions in Canada and the Bank of Canada participate in the LVTS, which was developed by the Canadian Payments Association (CPA), an organization of 150 deposit-taking financial institutions.
This means that, more than ever, lessees, tenants and landlords who are involved in a dispute can use the accessible and relatively simple services of an LVT to settle their differences.
The LVT A1 had eight high-pressure gas cylinders to supply fuel to an improved spark plug ignition system.