LVTTLLow Voltage Transistor to Transistor Logic
LVTTLLow Voltage Transistor Transistor Logic (AMCC)
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The company's low-EMI CTL[TM] technology is used to reduce 24 or 12 parallel LVTTL signals typically required in ultra-portables to a single differential serial signal.
Identical circuit boards were fabricated, one set using LVDS devices and the second using LVTTL.
44 MHz reference frequency LVTTL input, the VSC8115-05 and -06 performs critical clock and data recovery for 622.
Furthermore, the new module includes 16-ch Isolated Digital Inputs, powered already, and capable of handling “Dry-Contact” Inputs, PNP and NPN devices, as well as TTL and LVTTL.
Both the reference input and the universal fan-out buffers can support a wide variety of popular single-ended and differential logic standards (LVCMOS, LVTTL, HSTL, SSTL, LVDS, LVPECL) at a variety of voltage levels.
The TXC-44152 has been optimized for projectors and pico projectors by providing a 48b LVTTL parallel output enabling video formats up to and including 4K2K and 3DFHD.
More recent designs first moved to lower voltages with single-ended logic and families such as LVTTL.
Through its operating power supply of 3V, its TTL I/O lines are conditioned to LVTTL signal levels and thus eliminate the need for external logic translators.
The I/O pins support LVTTL and LVDS transmit signaling and can be factory-configured for LVDS receive operation.
Two versions are available: the thru-line model provides two WTB connectors along with 16 SMB connectors for the LVTTL inputs and outputs from other instruments, and the other includes just one WTB bus connector and a WTB termination along with the 16 SMBs.
The device accepts LVPECL, LVTTL, LVCMOS, HSTL, CML or LVDS signals, and translates them to differential -2.