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The Tax Books of Omuli Manor for 1806-1865 have survived and are deposited with the Latvian State History Archive (LVVA 7172.
Other documents have survived for Jaunkarki Manor for the time period 1756-1818 (LVVA 6999.
In the 1811 Register of Souls the owner of this manor is given as Carl Johann Wilhelm von Wrangel (LVVA 199.
Gut Peddeln oder Sayershof) was Baron Ungern-Sternberg (LVVA 199.
The 1638 Census of Ploughs for Vidzeme mentions the house name, Kappist, that is reflected in the early 19th century Registers of Souls wherein similar names are found: Kappust, in 1811, Kalne Kappust, in 1826, Leies Kappuft, in 1811, Leijes Kappuft, in 1826 (LVVA 199.
(131) Friderin and Vestfas claimed to have petitioned the committee twice already for the same reason (LVVA f.
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